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Magnetic Reflex Insoles
Magnetic Reflex Insoles
Magnetic Reflex Insoles
Magnetic Reflex Insoles
Magnetic Reflex Insoles
Magnetic Reflex Insoles
Magnetic Reflex Insoles
Magnetic Reflex Insoles
Magnetic Reflex Insoles

Magnetic Reflex Insoles

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Chronic back pain, body tension, and feet discomfort can hinder you from doing your daily tasks.

But think twice before you go for expensive therapy sessions and high-end prescription drug medication...

These Magnetic Reflex Insoles will naturally relieve chronic back pain and improve blood circulation!

Enjoy optimum comfort and relief from the soles up! These insoles use modern magnetic reflex technology combined with centuries-proven acupressure to alleviate the symptoms of fatigue and chronic back pain.

Magnetic Reflex Therapy

  • Stimulates blood flow for proper circulation.
  • Revitalizes stressed feet.
  • Natural pain and stress reliever.
  • Improves overall health and immune system.


Time-Proven Acupressure Technique

Our ancestors have long depended and trusted on acupressure medication for curing dozens of illnesses. The magnets in these insoles are carefully placed to target the right acupressure points, effectively relieving body pain and fatigue in the process.

A Safe, Chemical-Free and Natural Remedy

  • Being drug-free, it poses zero side effects and no health risk. Enjoy long-term health benefits!
  • Ideal for arthritis, rheumatism, sore joints, chronic back pain, tension headache, and more!

Why go for expensive therapy sessions when you can enjoy the optimum benefits of reflexology just by walking? Bring therapy right at your very feet!These Magnetic Reflex Insoles will give you wellness from the soles to the upper parts of your body.


  1. Remove the current insoles of your shoes.
  2. Replace the regular insoles you just removed with these Magnetic Reflex Insoles. Trim its edges, if necessary, to match the size of your shoe.
  3. Insert the therapeutic insoles into your shoe, gel side down, starting from the heel part.


Material/s: PVC & Magnets

Size: One Size Fits ALL (can be cut to fit shoe)

Suitable Age: Teens & Adults

Gender: Unisex

Color: Transparent

Package Inclusion/s: 

  • Buy 1 Pair Only - Get 1 pair of  Magnetic Reflex Insoles
  • Buy 2 Pairs + FREE 1 - Get 3 pairs(Valued at $14.32 per pair)
  • Buy 3 Pairs + FREE 2 - Get 5 pairs (Valued at $13.19 per pair)

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